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Welcome to AllPro DJ

AllPro DJ Service strives to provide unique solutions tailored to fit your needs.  At AllPro DJ Service we avoid the “canned” solutions offered by many of our competitors.  We feel that by offering a canned solution we are not only doing a disservice to ourselves but to our clients as well.  By offering a unique solution based on your needs, we know what we are giving you the best that we have as well as the best fitting solution to your requests!

We also focus on exceeding your expectations.  Too many times in today’s world of services on the cheap with many companies offering you the same solution, you, as the client, come away with a feeling of “good enough”.  We don’t want to be another “good enough” company.  From the professionalism of our employees, to the personal touch communications and clearly understanding your needs before agreeing to any work, we ensure that while the work is all done, you feel that you were provided with a fantastic service you remember instead of just feeling that “the job got done”.

Whether you are looking for DJ Service, Stage Lighting, Sound Reinforcement, Wedding Photography, or Studio Work, or any of the other services that we offer, we have a solution for you.

There’s one other thing to mention – For most services on this website you’ll never find a price list that’s available to the public.  There’s a simple reason for this – because most of our services are tailored to fit both your exact needs and budget we can’t advertise a price for someone that we haven’t met or spoken with yet!We look forward to the oportunity to speak with you regarding how we can best serve your specific needs!

Please check back soon as we are in the process of updating the site to better reflect AllPro DJ Service as a company!